HMI Vending Phoenix

Vendo V-21 Series Vendor Machines

The V521, V621, V721 and V821 Vendor Machines allow for an optimal mix of bottles/cans and keep product in perfect alignment for flawless, reliable vending. The Vendo V-21 series of Vendor Machines are Energy Star certified which helps promote cleaner air while cutting machine operation costs. They feature:
  • Dependable time tested design
  • Slide out loading rack
  • Shimless vending of bottles/cans
V-521 Vending Machine V-621 Vending Machine V-621 Live Display
V-721 Vending Machines V-721 Live Display V-821 Vending Machine

The V-521, V-621, V-721 and V-821 are available in your choice of El Capitan, Palm Tree or Water Fall skins.

Delivery & Set-Up is available;  Please contact us for additional information and Fee.

Important Notes
*A $415.00 Freight Charge will be added to the Base Price, and is reflected in the Total above. 
*Total Does Not include Sales Tax.

Machine Size & Base Price
Qty Description Price
V-521 $2,136.22
V-621 $2,349.60
V-621LD $2,468.18
V-721 $2,514.08
V-721LD $2,619.90
V-821 $2,574.00

Machine Options
New Mars 2712 Bill Validator $363.05
New Mars 7000i Coin Mech $363.05
Refurbished Mars 2500 Bill Val $199.00
Refurbished Mars MDB Mech $149.00
Lock Assembly w/ Hard Cover $22.86
Coin Box Lock $15.71
Caster Kit $142.86
Armoured Bezel $75.71
Bill Val Block-Out Plate $4.28


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